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Destroy yourself see who gives a fuck


  • luke_almighty
    Hey! Was wondering if I could get an imagine? Here's the form:

    Name: Parker
    Age: 15
    Guy: Shawn Mendes
    What Happens: I'm at Magcon with my sister since she forced me to come with her and I bump into Shawn and well.. yeah. :)
    What You Look Like: Shoulder length straight black hair, brown eyes, short, and glasses

    Thanks! xx
    Magcon images
    Magcon images
    MAGCON IMAGINES! For all the boys nothing dirty! Just say who what's going to happen and Your name! and all that info jazz!
  • luke_almighty

    mumbled "Wow....."

    I keep disappearing! Gah! Okay I promise I'm staying for good! I'm making all of my stories Y/N just because.... I can't come up with characters I just love! Also I'm a jealous twat.... Anyways! We'll be posting again! Coming out with a new fanfic so watch for that ;D
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