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  • Brooklyn3001

    mumbled "Finally"

    So I finally updated my fanfic after so long. I am still writing the next chapter but hopefully it will be up within the next couple of days. There are only 5 more chapters to go of The Way I Changed You, but I will be either writing a sequel or starting a brand new fanfic. if anyone has any ideas on which one I should do then tell me. I would love your opinion:)
  • Brooklyn3001

    mumbled "Writing:)"

    I just thought I'd let you know that I am actually writing new chapters at the moment! They are a little smaller than what i'd like but I need to finish writing this fanfic so I can start uploading the rest of the chapter!
    Also if any of you have any fanfic recommendations please tell me them. I need new stories to read!
  • Brooklyn3001

    mumbled "FanFic on Hold"

    Just thought id tell you if you haven't heard yet I'm putting The Way I Changed You on hold until I'm done writing it and I am going to start doing mini series because they will be easier for me to write. I hope you'll still read my story and also read my new ones too ♡
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    mumbled "New Chapter:)"

    In the next couple of weeks I am going to try and write more chapters than usual. I think about 2 a week. But with doing this the chapters are going to be a bit smaller than usual but I just want to get further through my story so I can start other ideas soon:)
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    mumbled "FanFics:)"

    I am hoping on having at least one more chapter uploaded of my zayn fanfic before the holidays are over. I am not got to be uploading the harry fanfic but when i think i have time i'm going to start writing a short harry fanfic, hopefully somewhere in between 12-15 chapters long:)
    6 years ago
    well i have one more week to go so I'm happy:)
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