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You tell me that you said, "I lost your way"
You tell me that your tears are here to stay
But I know you were only hiding
And I just wanna see you
You tell me that you're hurt, and you're in pain
And I can see it here, it's so in shake
But I just wanna see your smile again
See you smile again
But don't burn out
Even if you scream and shout
It will come back to you
And I'll be here for you

  • xButterfly Fly Awayx

    Q: How long have you been on Movellas?

    Q: Who's your favorite author on Movellas?

    Q: Who do you look up to?

    Q: Favorite band?

    Q: Real Official Name?

    Q: What's your biggest accomplishment?

    Q: What's your biggest inspiration?

    Q: What's your biggest fear?

    Q: What character do you relate to most?

    Q: If you could have a super power what would it be?

    Q: If you could co-write with one of the author's on Movellas who would it be?

    Q: What do you love doing besides writing?

    Q: What's your favorite song?

    Q: Best memory?
    6 years ago
    Since June 2nd (2014),
    Dannita Shadownight, probably.
    Imagine Dragons
    Getting Movella Games to be the 3rd most popular HG fanfiction
    Marvel, I want to be an actress in a Marvel movie.
    Hmm... I don't really know.
    Monster by Imagine Dragons
    Probably seeing that my first story got 15 reads.
    Thanks! :)
    6 years ago
    Can you actually change the last one to this?:
    I was super young, and I was at my neighbors birthday party. (I was like, 6 and he was the neighborhood person who everyone knew and thought was awesome-sauce) He invited me to dance, because he loved me so much. I loved him like an uncle. We danced and another little girl joined and I'm happy thinking about it now because he died a few years back and I wish he could see me now. :)

  • xButterfly Fly Awayx
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    Can I interview you?
    Orange Beanie
    6 years ago
    Lol of course! I wouldn't turn it down! If you want, I could make a separate book to answer your questions or we could just do it however you want (":
    You just made me feel so famous omg I love you.
    You made my day girl(;
    So yeah just let me know how you want to do it and I'll get back to you!

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