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    Guys I have got a new phone and for some reason the app no longer works, it won't let me update the book or publish a new one): untill I can find a solution to this problem, I will be continuing this book on wattpad, if you want to read it there my username is 'earthlinggmuke' and the book has been renamed 'the publicity stunt//lrh' xx
  • butyournot5sos
    **5 years later**
    I stood at the patio doors of our newly bought hollywood mansion, watching Luke chase after nearly six-year-old Asher who was dribbling a football towards a child size net on the side of the garden closest to me, Asher kicked the ball gently as it rolled into the net.
    "GOAAALLL" Asher screamed, jumping up and down, "Daddy your rubbish" He said afterwards, causing Luke to come behind him and sweep him off his feet before blowing raspberries into the skin of his now showing stomach.
    "Im not rubbish!" Luke protested jokingly to Asher who was now giggling in hysterics in Luke's arms
    "Are too" Asher said, wiggling out of Luke's arms and sticking out his tongue in his dad's direction
    "Okay Okay" Luke said, obviously out of breath, he ruffled Asher's brown curly hair and watched him run off after the ball on the oppisite side of the garden, before strolling over to me
    "Good morning gorgeous" He whispered in my ear, before wrapping his arms firmly around my waist and kissing my cheek
    "Morning" I chuckled, in a croaky 'just-got-up' voice, holding Luke's hands that were above my waist
    "Eeeeew" Asher shouted, making his way over to the back entrance of our home, where me and Luke where stood
    "What?" Luke laughed
    "You two are dissscusting" Asher whined, changing the tone of his voice from low to high to low again as he dragged out the word like it was a song
    We both laughed as Asher marched past us, slightly pushing us out the way to storm into the living room
    "How about me and you make some pancakes?" Luke asked
    "Lets do it, Hemmings." I replied
    It was 6:30pm, and me, Luke, Georgia, Dad, my brother Ash,the other 5sos boys and Luke's mum Liz all sat around a fire pit that was placed in our backyard, laughing filled the air
    "To Sophie and Luke's engagement!" Mikey yelled as he held up his bottle of Cobra, all bottles clinked and cheering filled the air, Luke turned his face from the celebrating guests to face me and leant over the arms of the deck chairs we were sitting on to press his lips against mine, however there were two people who didn't join in on the celebrations.
    "Can you guys keep your hands off each other for two minutes?" Ashton laughed, looking over to Georgia and Calum, who had secluded themselves from the group. Georgia sat straddling Calum and pressed her lips against his over and over and over, completely ignoring Ashton's 'request'
    Seconds passed and the awkwardness of watching my best friend kiss Calum was finally over
    "Okay I'm done" Georgia said, removing herself from Calums lap and plopping herself down on the chair she had previously been sat in next to Calum "for now" She whispered loudly, winking in Calus direction as he grabbed her thigh tightly
    "Oh my god ew" I said
    "Please stop!" Mikey cried
    We all burst into laughter agan.
    "How come i never get any kinky little lines from my woman?" Dad said, gripping Liz's thigh mimicking Calum's cheeky move
    "I save mine for the bedroom" Liz replied flirtatiously
    "ENOUGH!" me and Luke yelled in sync, it was so disturbing watching our parents be so flirty with eachother
    The rest of the group laughed as Me, Luke and Ashton held our heads in shame

    And thats the end!
    I hope you have enjoyed reading and just a massive thankyou for all your support on my first ever book, it means a lot:)
    I am debating on writing a second book as a continuation but I'm still undecided, I have started my Calum Hood fanfiction though which is going to be published very soon,
    Thankyou again xx

  • butyournot5sos
    I sat in the lounge area of the 5sos tour bus, as Luke snuggled behind me, his warm breath sending shivers down my spine.
    Asher was lay on a play mat in the middle of the floor, and Calum, Mikey and Ashton surrounded him all pulling funny faces and tickling his small body as he laughed in hysterics at the sight. He was now at eleven months, and despite what the nurses were saying about a possible slow development he was already belting out words.
    "You okay?" Ashton asked me, glancing up from his giggling nephew and looking at me with a huge smile
    "Couldn't be happier" I told him and Luke scooted even closer to me, intertwining one of his legs with mine.
    "So tell me Miss Irwin" Luke said flirtatiously, taking a pause to move his arms from around my waist to up over my chest "Why do you think it is acceptable to wear my skinny jeans?" He asked
    "I don't know, mainly because they look better on me" I argued, throwing in a soft giggle to make sure Luke knew i was joking
    "Well, you do look amazing in those jeans" He told me, I turned around to face him, knowing what he was going to say next.
    "But you know where they'd look better?" He asked me,licking his lips.
    "Over there on the floor" We both said in unison, planting our heads together and pressing each our lips together before bursting out into laughter, remembering the first time we did the deed.
    "OH MY GOD GUYS" Ashton yelled, not seeming 'into' the fact that me and Luke were all 'lovey dovey'
    I stared down at my pant covered legs-viewing the fact i really was wearing my boyfriends pants.
    I couldn't help it, His Ripped Jeans had become a statement, and taunted me every time i saw them, they held a story and as i stared into Luke's eyes, i knew that this fairy tale was bound to end with its happily ever after.

    The next chapter is going to be an epilogue of this chapter which is basically going to be like what happens a few years later.
    So i guess this is kinda the end:((
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