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I am in love with one direction, 5sos, R5, and Justin Beiber. I'm planning on marrying one. My name is Caroline, I love just about everything! If you have any problems, contact me @dcbrown0406@gmail.com.

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    Glad you guys are back at it again
    The twins who lived
    The twins who live...
    What if Harry James Potter had a twin sister? Meet Lily Rose Potter, a hyper and happy eleven-year-old girl. Follow Harry and Lily's adventure into the wizarding world!
  • niallersprincess46
    Plzzzz update
    Adopted by THEM?! (ON HOLD)
    Adopted by THEM?!...
    (ON HOLD UNTIL END OF SUMMER) Mackenzie has been an orphan since she was five, she doesn't remember her parents, and no one wants her because she's thirteen, but what happens when THE One Direction...
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    mumbled "What to do????😘😘"

    So, I only am writing one story, a 5sos fanfic, I waant to write another but idk what to do harry potter, hunger games, divergent, 1d, or Justin beiber
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