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I love a lot of fandoms and reading I especially love Marvel and DC. My favourite characters have to be : Loki,Thor,Black Widow, the arrow and captain America.

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    I am new if you follow me I will follow you and how do you do your front cover?
    The New Era
    The New Era
    In a world where anything can happen, one teenager, Jonathan Stormcrow, has a life that starts out with what is normal to him. High School. Two best friends that he would never give up for anything. And...
  • Always and Forever
    Hey I am new to this if you don't mind following me i will follow you two and your piece of writing is very good check out mine.
    { His Punishment: Melody }
    { His Punishment:...
    { a re-write/re-imagining of my old "melody" story // set just after the end of the first avengers movie } After consulting with his advisers, Odin ultimately changed his mind about Loki's punishment...

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    Fav characters

    There are so many different characters within Marvel lets talk about who your fav are?
    Katra Quinn
    2 years ago
    I could never really choose a favorite. I love all Marvel characters and just Marvel in general. Though, I would say I do love Loki! I also love Black Widow because she is such a badass!
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