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My name is claribel,I LOVE one direction,my fav. is Liam and Louis:):)<3!!!!! My fav. color is purple.I have brown hair and brown eyes.I love animals(Elephants,penguins,turtles,dogs,dolphins,)

~Weird this year(2013) is so the new normal!~
^my quote

p.s I'm on the left on my picture :D my bff Nyomi is on t he right :D (I don't have bangs )

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    Niall's Sister
    Niall's Sister
    Nikki Horan is Niall's little sister who's Lou's best friend, Zayn's girlfriend, and Liam's enemy. Liam and her never got along. These boys all have something in common thoug. They all have fallen deeply...
  • Clair_OneDirection_lover
    Love it :D lol
    Let the games begin.
    Let the games begi...
    The school player, Harry styles had every girl wrapped around his finger, leaving them speechless after he dumps them. When the new girl comes along, he likes what he sees. But this girl isn't under his...
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