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I'm an avid writer with an obsessive personality and a clumsy nature, not to mention my title of Professional Procrastinator.

  • Clara Lestrange
    First Name: Skylar

    Middle Name: Louise

    Second Name: Hayes

    Nick Name: don't have one

    Hair Colour: chocolate Brown

    Hair Length: long, down back

    Hair Type; curly and thick

    Common Hair Style: left down or tied back into a frizzy ponytail

    Face Shape: heart

    Figure Shape: slim but curvy

    Skin Colour: light tan

    Facial Features: got a white jem nose piercing on the left and a black hoop piercing in her lower lip, in her left ear is two lobe studs, two hoops at the top and another stud at the top, all silver metal.

    Eye Colour: green

    Eye Shape: almond

    Common Clothes Style: black jeans, shirts, loose t-shirts, tank tops, leather jackets, army jackets, leggings

    Common Shoe Style: doctor martens, converse or vans.

    Jewellery: black beads wrapped repeatedly around right wrist , numerous black studded bracelets and wristbands are also worn.

    Personality: brave, funny, protective, determined, strong willed, kind.

    Friends: most people, tries to make a good impression

    Enemies: no one just yet

    Chosen Subjects:potions , fighting , care of magical creatures

    Favourite Subject: fighting.

    Worst Subject: astrology

    Local Hangout: library or wherever my friends are.
    Fandom: she is Time Lord relation, a amity born dauntless, a Gryffindor, a fan of Danisnotonfire, Amazingphil, Itswaypastmybedtime, Jack & Dean and various other YouTubers, is a Nerdifighter.
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  • Clara Lestrange
    Author: Clara Lestrange (British)
    Title: The Wizarding World, Revisited, (Harry Potter Third generation fanfic)
    Ideas: Obviously Harry Potter stuff, but none of the original characters due to it being 19 years later..
    Drama Level: Like a 7? Changes throughout the story.
    Mood: Magical, Adventure, Dangerous, Happy,
    Preferences: No faces unless they're silhouettes, Hogwarts House colours, but mostly red anf gold.
    Thanks loads xxx
    (Temporarily closed... come back soon.) In Covers, I not only give covers to aspiring authors, but constructive criticism (unless requested against) to make the Movella great! Enjoy! -K. E. Kamiko
  • Clara Lestrange
    Can I Apply as a student please?
    Name: Clara Lestrange
    Faction: Dauntless
    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
    District: 12 (I know all these sound like I've just picked them because the main characters belong to them but its because I often get told I belong in those groups)
    Godly Parent: Athena
    Thanks xxx
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  • Clara Lestrange
    Hazel Grace from The Fault In Our Stars because she is posed as neither beautiful or self contented but is one of the only realistic heroines who are a teenager yet think like an intellectual, which some people think is not possible because of her age. Also, she does not fall into Augustus' arms and vow to marry him by chapter 3, but thinks all this through, showing she is headstrong and considerate, far from fairytale heroines. She is not perfect and she realises that, but this does not stop her from being a beautiful person inside, with her intelect and thoughtfulness.
  • Clara Lestrange
    I love The Fault In Our Stars and I can honestly say that I am yet to find a better ending to Hazel's story. I cried so much at this; it really touched my heart. Keep on writing, you have a incredible talent! xx
    The End
    The End
    The Phalanxifor has stopped working, and there's nothing they can do. For Hazel Grace, perhaps death is just the next great adventure.
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