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    mumbled "Back to Movellas"

    I've been gone for 5 years since I first wrote most of my Movellas but was recently inspired to return by a friend... Many things have changed for me over these years and I feel like my writing style is even better than what it used to be. I won't be revamping any of my previous works as I previously attempted to. I did revamp a few chapters for Moving On - however this isn't the purpose of me coming back.
    Ray Lidstone
    2 years ago
    Welcome back!
  • itsClearSkies
    Liked the intense emotions. Only read the first three chapters but couldn't get past that it wasn't rated, even though it had so much swearing in it. If you could rate it accordingly that'd be good, just in case someone makes a complaint. But otherwise like the strong storyline. :)
    Damn to hell!
    Damn to hell!
    When every women trows themselves at your feet, you feel happy and content. Then one they you see a boy walking and you catch his eyes and everything is suddenly only him, what do you do? Fight it or embrace...
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    I liked the one you did for QOD - the Serendipity one. Grey on white is one of my all time favourites for partially transparent overlays.
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    ❝welcome to nathaniel's cover store for every genres❞
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    mumbled "Moving On [Revamp]"

    For those who favourited Moving On - I've been going through, and polishing up - and making minor detail changes - to the story. I should be done with this in a few days time. Also, I noticed that it has almost reached 2k views (which is crazy, considering I haven't been online since forever.) For those who haven't checked it out feel free to, and if you can post some cc or feedback.

    Moving OnAriel Miller lost both the love of her life and their child in a horrific crash in 2010. 3 years have passed since then, and she moves from her one room...
  • itsClearSkies
    Such a sad ending. -.- It was actually really good. Kind of like... Mysterious yet still kind of deep (somehow without going into too much depth.) It reminded me a lot of a movella I wrote, where the ending is more... inconspicuous than most (readers) would prefer, I suppose. I would write more but I'd probably ramble trying to explain my thought process but good job ^-^
    I wait for him outside his house. To his parents, I am just another girl, a girl with a stutter. I knock gently at the door, and it swings open, and I see him. I smile brightly because we don't need words....
    Lavern L.C.
    5 years ago
    Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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