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Hey guys! I'm Emme! I've been hacked before, by someone who came up with the name Irish Arigales! Irish Arigales is a real person, and she is @IrishMofoQueen on Twitter but someone used her salutation as mine :) So its been a really long time since I wrote a Fic or N-Fic, so I may be starting when i have free time, and on my iPad. Kik me at @GlassGirlxx if there's anything you wanna clarify, or you just wanna talk!
My nickki for you guys: SugarDragons

Hope to see you guys in my DM's on kik!

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    Guyssss pleaseeeeeee readdddddddd!

    Alright so, I reallllly wanna be a character (a punk one) in one of any of One Direction books. if there is an available role as the maim girl please tell me on Movellas!
  • Glass Girlxx
    I'm loving it, really! Your writing is absolutely awesome! :D
    Friend Zoned
    Friend Zoned
    I was in love with my best friend. Since the first day in kindergarten when I saw her in her pink dress, with an apple around her neck saying her name was Morgan. I was there through all her heartbreaks,...
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    Thanks :)
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    Hey my name is Irish, Niall, Tweet and Text and my twitter handle is @IrishMofoQueen
    1D Text Messages/Tweets
    1D Text Messages/T...
    Request either text or tweet and I will post a chapter! Please comment: •name •boy •tweet/text or both •twitter name (if tweet) And that's it:) (Ariana A., if you are reading this, I am not copying...
  • Glass Girlxx
    -My name is Irish: )
    - Dark brown hair just below my shoulders. I am not skinny and not fat so like average? Shall I say I'm curvy XD I am 166cm. I can be sarcastic at times, and my friends say I'm a girl version of Nialler : P

    -i fan'ed you just recently, but I loveeee your writing! I have been reading your writing since I found your books and I absolutely love them! I've even stored them in Notepad on my computer to print them and read them when I'm bored XD

    I'll be your Valentine, I don't have one so we'll share some chocolate together, but beware, I'm a hungry kid XD
    Compulsive {Niall Horan}
    Compulsive {Niall...
    He's Radiant. Incrimidtive. Brilliant. One of a kind. Not a Jerk. Different. Amazing.We can't be together. He's something I can't have. I'm a nobody. He's a somebody. He's popular. He's Compulsive.
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