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    So, I may have realised where I've been going wrong. I've been writing multiple stories but finishing none. The problem is, I write all of them from the POV of a teen girl. As a teen girl myself, I tend to shove my characteristics into the character. For instance, they're all sassy as hell. I get irritated by the character and give up.
    I've just started writing a story from the POV of a 40 year old male inmate of a prison in the future. So far, it seems to be working and I'm finding it easy to differentiate who the character is, from who I am personally.
    Here's to a successfully finished novel in the future.
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    I'd like to nominate @[Midnight Rogue ☕️☩] because she's one of the friendliest and strongest people I have the pleasure of knowing, regardless of the fact that it's only online. She was one of first people I interacted with and she's made my movellas experience an inclusive one by introducing me to her community.
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    Failed this last year because unfortunately school is a priority, thank god for university and the ultimate freedom that means this year it is possible :')
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    I already love Morrow, his sass is phenomenal and I'm already finding myself laughing whenever he goes off on one. As a well developed character, he leads a brilliant cast of characters.
    The witty dialogue is impeccable and realistic, certainly never boring which can be a real issue. The humour is brilliant. Aside from a few spelling mistakes the story is a real gem, and I'm glad to see its doing so well with its views and favourites, a total I intend to add to now I've favourited and fanned you!
    Hoist The Colours **Unedited Spelling Mistakes**
    Hoist The Colours...
    I only have a limited amount of time to tell you this dear readers. I am Morrow. I am sixteen. And I'm a pirate. (Awesome cover by Lady Tatertot! Go check out her cover shop, guys! That is, after you're...
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    Bearing in mind that I have no ounce of romance in my body, I love this. The way that you've managed to already weave in a back story without creating a cliché of love forming from tragedy, gives depth to the story already. The believable monologue is impressive when you consider that a lot of it is over the phone between the girls as well. I especially love her name too, and the flow of the words left me unable to spot any errors. I'll be waiting to read more! :)
    Too Young
    Too Young
    Ireland's parents had always told her and her brother that love doesn't exist, which led to the rule of them not being allowed to date. Choosing to disregard her parents decision, she finds the first person...
    5 years ago
    Yay thank you so much! I'm trying not to give too much about Christian away yet. We'll await for the right time.
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