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I love, love, love writing! I have always enjoyed writing stories and I hope you enjoy the stories I write. I try to get as much description into my stories as I can, and am always looking for ways to improve my work! So please if you see any mistakes or grammar problems please let me know so I can sort it out and make it better for other readers. Thank you, xxx Cookie Monster xxx

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    mumbled "Welcome back"

    It feels good to be back on Movellas. I haven't written on here in so long! Looking forward to writing a collaboration with Nat's Chat's!
    Nat's chat's
    6 years ago
    Can't wait! It's something to look forward to this year!
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    Could you please update soon. I'm too intrigued to stop reading
    Society's main goal was to judge, so, naturally, they had come up with a system for describing. Girls were described through various patterns; Floral being the sweethearts, while Lace was reserved for...
  • Cookie Monster
    This is so intriguing so don't leave us hanging! It's awesome x
    Inventing Indigo
    Inventing Indigo
    It began with a girl. And none of us even noticed she was there... until she wasn't anymore.
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    Full Name: Birdy Mounthallow
    Age: 15
    Appearance: large green eyes, rosy cheeks, fawn coloured hair usually pulled up.
    District: 9
    Weapon of choice: knives
    Role: tribute
    Personality: trust issues, optimistic, determined
    District token: iron bracelet with a wheat/grain pattern on it
    Background: quite an ordinary child, has lived with her aunt and eldest brother for as long as she can remember as her mother died of heatstroke from working in the fields, and her father went missing a long time ago. Learnt her knife skills from training in the wheat fields with her brother and that's where she got her bracelet from.

    Hope that's enough info - and there's a space left! Totally appreciate you re-doing this! x
    A Real Life Hunger Games
    A Real Life Hunger...
    Ever wanted to be IN The Hunger Games as a tribute, mentor, or even a stylist? Well now you can(ish! ) Just comment the stuff in the first chapter and you will be entered! It's first come, first serve,...
    Cookie Monster
    7 years ago
    @[Kennedy Shadownight ] I just thought I'd let you know that all my background info/token etc is based off of District 9 for Grain. As District 8 is textiles, would you like me to change them?
    7 years ago
    Hi there, member of my district!
    I'm going to create a movella for us to discuss tactics and the like, so for me to invite you you'll need to fan me. :)
    Kennedy Shadownight
    I think the background will be fine! I don't think it will matter that much anyway!
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