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  • PeytonLayne1D
    What the hell, Lo. your book made me laugh *awkwardly types laughing emoji*
    The Crying Girl
    The Crying Girl
    Lauren is just a normal teenage girl, but ya know she likes boys with oddly coloured hair and accents. I mean she also makes dirty jokes and thinks she's cool... So I guess if you wanna get to know her...
  • PeytonLayne1D

    mumbled "Fear of the Dark, Fear of the Dark"

    Hey guys! I would really appreciate it if you read my new story Fear of the Dark, Fear of the Dark! Updates will be slow but I hope you all enjoy it and I hope you like it!
  • PeytonLayne1D

    mumbled "Sequel to Surprise Surprise! "

    Hey guys. Sorry about deleting the other sequel but I didn't like where it was going. I want to tell you all that the new sequel will be called 'Stay With Me.' Hope you guys enjoy it!
  • PeytonLayne1D
    I'm getting so pissed at auto correct!'
    Fire Starter (Niam)
    Fire Starter (Niam...
    Niall has been deaf since birth. He's gotten used to not being able to hear and is fluent in sign language. Niall doesn't talk to people and gets made fun of daily by his bullies. What happens when the...
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