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Look carefully
i put a period in impossible
so now

  • FlyLikeADove

    mumbled "helloooo"

    It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve been on. Three years to be exact. I don’t know if any of my followers are even still on here, but I’m going to be going through Truce and fixing things. I might even finish the last chapter that has been sitting as a draft for the past two years. I might put up a chapter in my Update Book about my life and my friends who use to write on here. :) Feels good to be back!
  • FlyLikeADove

    mumbled "wowww"

    its been a looong while and I'm still working on the last chapter to Truce
    i know it's been like 8 years but i keep writing and rewriting it and school's started ugh
    also i thought i had whiplash but i actually might have a minor concussion :/
    anyways i cannoot believe truce has 3 thousand reads omg
    i have to finish my cheesecake so bye
  • FlyLikeADove

    mumbled "Something New?"

    I am currently writing a new story with the inspiration of Troye Sivan :)
    Keep an eye out for the first chapter of Princess Sofia
  • FlyLikeADove

    mumbled "okay but "

    i went from no male action (texting, talking.. not *other* stuff k?) to like 3 guys in like 2 days.. idk what i did.. dont know what happened but i mean it gives me an excuse to be on my phone so i guess its not that bad..
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