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  • Daphne Vergara

    mumbled "Hey pretty people,"

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    i will be removing my book soon because it will be going into publishing.

    Yes, Making Her Remember is going to be published. I will remove in 3 or 4 days.

    So, anyone who hasn't yet completed the book, shall do so in these 3 or 4 days.

    WIsh me luck.

    Lily Anna
    6 months ago
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    That's exciting! Good luck :)
  • Daphne Vergara

    mumbled "Hello readers and writers,"

    All the parts of Making Her Remember has been posted and I hope you like it.
    A new year gift from me. I know I am a bit late but the end result was this.

    Love, Daphne
  • Daphne Vergara

    mumbled "New Chapter Update"

    Hey readers and writers, a new chapter of Making Her Remember is up. Be sure to check it out.
    First one to comment on the new chapter will get a follow from me and next 5 comments will get an exclusive pre-view of the upcoming chapters as a christmas gift.
  • Daphne Vergara

    mumbled "Important"

    Okay, readers and writers.
    I have posted the first chapter of Making Her Remember. I will be updating it on every second Sunday.
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