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Hey I'm Amy.
To some reading my description is pointless but for those who have read I thank you.
I have many friends but my true best friend is my sister (not actually my sister) Katie who is also on Movellas. She is an amazing writer so please check out her stories.
Info on me:
I'm a girl obviously,
i used to be maijorly depressed,
I have medical issues and get bullied for it lol,
I'm in love with pizza, pasta, garlic bread, sweets and other crap that is terribly bad for me.
I always find a way to turn negative comments of attitudes into more positive things :)
If you're ever down or anything just message me on my email Amy_horn@yahoo.com.

Proper things about me:
I have brown hair and matching eyes,
I hate dresses, makeup, skirts.
I'm sort of what you would call a tomboy.
I want to be in the army or navy somthing like that.
I am in my teens.
As i said before i have recently been depressed and not the depressed that everything gets on my nerves but the depressed that you want to die.
^^^ i was suicidal.
I'm in a relationship with my fridge and macdonalds.
I love everyone who loves me and if i dont like someone i dont talk to them or anything.
Im over protective of my friends.
Im violent at times and have slight anger issues.
I have major issues with school (I HATE IT)

Thats it abut me i think :) hope you like my stuff sorry bout all the spellings in my descriptions and my stories.

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    YOOUUU GGUUYYSSS I WANNA DO ANOTHER CHAPTER FROM RITA HAHA i wanna write bout unicorns aannndd rainbows annnddd death and hell and satan stuff like that.. AND SO I SHALL
    We all have secrets
    We all have secret...
    - Well, this is awkward. - I am re-writing this so it makes more sense (probably will just make it worse) because my grammar was terrible and my ideas were rubbish.

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