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Hi!! My names Desiree, but people call me Desi or Des, I have brown hair, and hazel/green eyes. My friends say that I look like a mixture of Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles... Any way! Fan me and I fan back!!!!!! Well, unless I'm feeling evil.. Haha

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    This story doesn't make any sense. I'll admit, it has a good storyline, but there are no punctuation marks, not quotation marks, and there are lots of errors in it. I would be way better and I bet lots more people would read it if you changed some things.
    My brothers best friends
    My brothers best...
    This is a one direction fan fiction about a girl named Darcy chances are if your a directioner you have read one like this Niall fan fic
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    On the story BriDsBlog.com, it's kinda confusing because it is going back and forth from first person to third person in the same sentence....
    It's Not the Same
    It's Not the Same
    Bri has been blogger her whole teen life. She never thought that she would get the chance to make a 'real' living at it. But when the opportunity came for her to blog for the worlds most famous boyband...
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