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A loving father of two wonderful Ladies( Sheeru&Shilpa) and grand dad of three wonderful girls(Ashu,Anyu,Shivani) and doting husband to a childhood sweet heart Pramila. A Banker, trainer,counsellor .Loves to interact with youngsters in their search .An amateur photographer and writer. Can only write when some thing at core level stirs.

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    mumbled "What is Next"

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    Jumping from one activity to another in search of happiness and perfect moment is nothing but searching for golden pot at the end of a Rainbow
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    Beautifully presented
    Antaryami ( The Indweller )
    Antaryami ( The...
    The Bliss and the sense of completeness we search lies within us. The barrier is ego between bliss and non-bliss. Shed the ego and realize the self.
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    Thanks anna1
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