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Oh hai! I'm Liv and I LOVE CAKE!
Warning: you are reading the bio of a professional random person. © 2014 Liv Davenport
I'm only 10 so no hate! :)
I am a member of the Starlight family. ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Fandoms: MLP, 1D, TFIOS, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Lab Rats, and Disney ❤️
“Laughter is timeless.” -Walt Disney
Stop bullying! Stop hating! Stop drama! In other words, achieve the impossible and stop all problems on Movellas! :P pass it on and hopefully the drama will go away.
I'm a Christian and proud. :D
That's all so... byeee!

  • Liv Davenport (Android)

    mumbled "VACAY IN BOTTLE BAY"

    Hey guys! So I might not be on Movellas from this Wednesday till next Monday because I'm vacationing with my BFF Fluttershy and we're going to Bottle Bay! I'm so excited! But we might not be on Movellas for a while just so you know. But we'll be here on this Monday and Tuesday! :) I will be taking my iPhone and she will be taking her iPod touch but we're not sure whether we'll get any bars. Or wifi. Or much of anything. Thanks for understanding.
  • Liv Davenport (Android)

    mumbled "Just curious"

    Hey I want to know what y'all think I look like! Thought I'd do this since lots of other people are asking this. Please don't comment if you already know. :) not saying I'll tell you, I'm just asking.
    You aren't just a penguin. You are a NEON ORANGE penguin :D
  • Liv Davenport (Android)
    I'm doing this for my friend Hannah.
    Title: Androids!!!
    Author: Fluttershy Android
    About: Idk what she's going to write in it but her profile pic is an android. :)
    Link: not published yet
    Ideas: maybe an android on the cover with the title in a lime green or purple high tech-looking font with “for the Android/Bionic Army” underneath it. (If you need pics, search for “android robot human” in Google Images. Try to find a pic similar to Hannah's profile pic because some of the others are creepy.)
    The Movellas Cover Store // CLOSED
    The Movellas Cover...
    Need a cover? ***CLOSED SORRY***
    Liv Davenport (Android)
    Sorry I'm doing this on my iPhone, idk if it will work.
    Liv Davenport (Android)
     River_Summers ☕️
    Try a mumble, maybe?

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