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Yoohoo! My name is Ana Zainal! Otherwise known as Zana or Farzana and even Tarzana. I'm a wild child ;) jks
I'm just a random wanderer cat with no direction (tee hee there's only ONE DIRECTION badum tssss <--- drum noises)

I'm a Little Owl of narry's girlfriend and Here is my proof:

Oh and a Butterfly of PoetryInsane:


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    AWESOME man :) I like the Imagine one the best because Imagination is epic :3 please forgive me now?
    Life Through The Eyes Of Poems
    Life Through The...
    Life can be carefree, or destructive, or just plain boring. But what is life really like... when it's told through a poem?
    6 years ago
    Yes, me forgives you. :) ;)
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    REALLY amzing! The way you interpret what the emotions would look like perfectly fit with their traits! But at the same time, it's unexpected! The story line is so unique and you're writing skills make it work so well! Can't wait until the next chapter!
    My Name Is –
    My Name Is –
    This was originally for the Valentine's Day competition. The information said to write about love, so I did. My character is 'Love', who stopped believing in itself long ago. Edit: Oh my goodyness!...
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    Amazing! The description is really descriptive! Wow that was like a suckish compliment... What I'm trying to say is: ASDFGHJKL AMAZING MAN!
    When I Met A Dragon
    When I Met A Drago...
    Thistle Burn is a fourteen-year-old girl with a normal life, a normal routine, and all the common struggles a teenage girl would have. Until a black-scaled dragon with blood-red eyes came crashing down...
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    Nice humor dude xD totally shows your love of food :P
    My favourite thing to do is to eat! So i decided to write poems on food :) Dunno what I'd do without food, its everything to me :D
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