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Heyo, I guess it's time to update this thing ahah,
My real names Tamara and I love reading/writing as well as anime. Music and drawing adds on to that i cannot go a hr without music though xD
I'd like some feed back on my writing, i don't mind if its blunt just make sure its valid i don't like haters and wont stand for it other then that im pretty sweet <3

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    i still cant get on watt pad :'( nooo
    Sudden Love - Jason and Justin boyxboy
    Sudden Love - Jaso...
    He grabbed me by the neck again only holding tighter making hard for me to breath, I was gasping and coughing while everyone just looked and laughed at me, Tears coming out of my eyes rapidly. He loosened...
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    i cant get on watt pad :*(
    Night Walkers - Justin and Jason Zombie fanfic (ON HOLD)
    Night Walkers -...
    Justin Bieber was in the middle of a concert! Jason McCann was in the middle of a robbery, When it happens! Zombies you ask?! When they bump into each other will they kill one another or stick together?!...
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    I cant get on wattpad :/
    The Alpha Mate
    The Alpha Mate
    Meet Liveena, a girl who was taken in at age 12 by the Silver Sky Pack who doesn't know her parents and had been on her own since she was 6. She spent 12 years building up walls to protect herself from...
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    Heya guys, so the story i'm writing i will be updating soon. Im sorry it's just i have my half yearly's coming up and i have to study -.- This wolf is Alpha John by the way ^_^
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