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I see stories as different worlds that are formed and altered by imagination. Love animals especially horses. Obsessed with myths, legends and mythical animals especially dragons .

My main hobbies are horse-riding, drawing and of course reading and writing! Hope to get some of my stories published in the future so please like and comment with thoughts. :)

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    mumbled "Still Alive"

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    Wow nearly five years later! Im still writing mostly in my notebooks and on Instagram. Im working on a new story based on one in particular which has become my OTP. Seriously the two main characters are so cute together! Anyway watch this space Ill upload it when I can.
  • DragonRider
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    Great start! Look forward to more chapters :D
    Poison Paradise
    Poison Paradise
    [Final draft, rewritten edition] The 50th Hunger Games. The 2nd Quarter Quell. Everyone is nervous as the cannon sounds, signaling the beginning of 47 deaths and desperate cries from families. One victor...
  • DragonRider
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    I love writing fantasy! The hardest part is definitely being original. There's so much amazing stuff out there!
    Stories don't copy anything but there are subtle links with others including Eragon and harry potter. Annoying for def
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