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~Draco & Hermione ~
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~Draco & Harry ~

  • Dramione.For.Life
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    This is a very good story :)
    The Boy Who Loved
    The Boy Who Loved
    *Complete* He's famous for having a heart of stone. Yet behind closed doors, and many years back, he had a heart and traded it for power. But just because he gave up, doesn't mean she did.
    Ally Kendrick
    4 years ago
    Thank you for saying that :)
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    I read through all these quotes and must say I am deeply disappointed...there is one so important Harry Potter quote missing
    Fandom Quotes
    Fandom Quotes
    Each day in a year i'm gonna write a quote from a fandom, i'm in.. And u know.. Then there will be alot of quotes xD Which means i begin 17/10 2015 and end it 17/10 2016! Hope you people will enjoy...
    4 years ago
    I was planning on putting it as one of the last once ;)
    Oh alright...let me know when it's up then
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    Name: Nguyen
    First Name: Sakura
    Age: 18
    Outward appearance: black hair and green eyes.
    Character: funny, smart, nice

    House: Cognite
    Year in college: 2nd
    Subject of study: Herbology teacher
    Spare time activities:
    Chess and Legilimency

    Extra: has a huge crush on Neville
    Wizarding College - Learning advanced magic
    Wizarding College...
    Trinita College of Wizardry and Witchcraft is a renowned University in the wizarding world. Alongsidpe Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Draco and few other Hogwarts students, a Beauxbatons girl by the name...
    4 years ago
    I'll add her in the next chapter. :)
  • Dramione.For.Life
    Mine please, I wanna know, why nobody is reading it
    Dishonored ~ Draco Malfoy's Sister"Malfoy, Bellatrix.", the woman - Professor Monall or something - shouts and I strode forward. "Another Malfoy, eh? You would probably make a good Slythe...
    Book Review Store
    Book Review Store
    ~~~~~~OPEN~~~~~~ Tired of being put on a month-long waiting list, I'll do my very best, to never let the Waiting List over five stories. If it should happen, I am very sorry for this and will Like at...
    5 years ago
    Perhaps you should try advertising it first? Nevertheless, it will probably be reviewed due to Thursday xx ♥
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