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Hey, I'm Dreamer84324 (formerly Bluestar84324) , but you can call me Dreamer!
I am currently obsessed with Hetalia (RUSSIA AND ENGLAND!!!) BUT I still love Warrior Cats too! My hobbies are reading, singing, playing the flute, watching anime (I AM NOT AN ANIMEFREAK! I WATCH OTHER STUFF TOO!!), writing fandoms, drinking tea, and listening to music. My favorite genre of music is rock and roll, but I love country too!
I am mostly Russian, but I have British, American, Swedish, Irish, and POSSIBLY German in my blood. I consider myself an excuse for an American, though...

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    WOW o_o
    The Emotion Trilogy
    The Emotion Trilog...
    (RATED RED FOR MENTIONS OF SUICIDE AND RAPE SORRY) A gifted writer, A.E. Adams, creates a trilogy of books. The first book was The Saddest Story, where any unlucky person who reads it commits suicide....
    Who is bucky
    5 years ago
    Hello sempai

    See you read it while we are in that roleplay, ja?
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    mumbled "!!!ATTENTION!!!"

    I will be revamping my Movellas profile!

    I will delete ALL my fanfictions except for the ones I am positive I will be working on and the ones what are finished (except for The Missing Clan, I'm deleting that one). SO.

    And I have done more Hetalia OCs which will be published later
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