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Hey guys I'm shylee but everyone calls me shy. I'm an amature model. My favorite photographer is nicole harrington we haven't got a chance to work together yet. I used to cut myself beacause of my mom and stepdad getting a divorce he was there for me when my real dad wasn't and I was moelested and raped and my bff was the only one who knew until I told the school conslier and then something was done about it. I was annerecsic but with help I pulled through I wiegh 110 now :D yay I'm getting chubby lol well I'm absolutely in love with Dylan o'brien aka stiles from the mtv show teen wolf <3 thts about it bye sugar buns ;) :P

  • dylan o'brien's girl :D
    omg update or ima pee... lol not really but update u sons a bitch
    Slave Auction
    Slave Auction
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