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"If you truly believe in the words that you preach, get off your screens, and onto the streets" - BMTH

"Oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying" - MCR

"No mountain made of money can buy you a soul" - TPR

"They say the captain goes down with the ship, so if the world ends, will God go down with it??" - FOB

*my official-type achievementy watsits*

Winner of the 'a week at Hogwarts' competition (standing in the shadows)

Special mention in 'fanfiction of the year' movellys 2014 (Draco Malfoy and the better-than-Potters Broomstick)
Runner up in the Solitaire competition (Me, Online)
Runner up in the Afterlife competition (Death Ever After)
Second place in the Carry On competition (The Mother)

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  • Emma Bird

    mumbled "finally continuing old stories lol"

    4 years agoReply
    so hi hi i've finally realised that instead of starting a bunch of new stories i should maybe finish some of my old ones first????
    So i've briefly updated:
    The Time I Went To School And Had...This story lasts exactly 23 hours and 47 minutes and approximately 15 seconds.
    and I have another fairytale in progress, and I was just wondering if there are any of my old stories you'd like to see completed/continued/sequels to??? i'm well aware i have a LOT of unfinished stories and i was just wondering which ones, if any, are worth continuing :)
    xoxo em
  • Emma Bird

    mumbled "Playscripts"

    4 years agoReply
    Does anyone know anywhere to submit playscripts (approx half an hour long)?
  • Emma Bird

    mumbled "My Chemical Romance"

    4 years agoReply
    So in honour of The Five of us are Dying (which I absolutely love, please share your opinions on it!!) I've decided to finally post a poem I wrote almost 2 years ago, which is based on Welcome to the Black Parade. I've never written poetry like this, so I would really appreciate feedback!
    The Black ParadeInspired by Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance, in honour of ten years. My first proper attempt at poetry so it's probably...

    Emma xoxo
  • Emma Bird

    mumbled "Video"

    5 years agoReply
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    So starting from today, I not going to have any internet for a week (rocks uncontrollably on chair, wailing and muttering incoherently) so I won't be online, but Georgia is uploading ny youtube video on the first, which I am very nervous about �� tell me what you think of it ��

    Uuugh a week of no internet.... ��
    Emma Bird
    5 years ago
    Aaargh just realised this means everyone will be able to see what I look like *nerves intensify*
  • Emma Bird

    mumbled "Does anyone else get reaaaallly angry"

    5 years agoReply
    at the fact that some people think sAME SEX COUPLES SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO ADOPT CHILDREN???!!!! Because in all honesty this makes me so angry, anyone else feel meh??
    5 years ago
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    *raises both hands* PREACH IT
    Le Fox
    5 years ago
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    I know right!