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I like a whole bunch of things.
The list is shorter of what I don't like.

So here's that's list

1. 1D. I hate them with a passion. Like. No.
2. Vampire/Werewolf/Supernatural romance. Cos that's what we all need. Interspecies romance.
3. 12 year olds that write smut. Like what could you possibly know about that you're 12.
4. Rude people
5. Stupid boys. Notice I said /stupid/ boys. Not all boys.
6. Pushy Vegans. Like chill. You live your way, and I get steak.
7. People who say that cos they hate something that it should die. That's just legit rude and if you're that person I don't like you.
8. Murderers. Those guys will eventually just stab you in the back.
9. Being cold
10. Beautiful AND talented people. You can be beautiful, or talented. Not both.
11. Mushy Romance stuff. That's not realistic.
12. While I'm on the topic of realism in romance, if there's a fight between the two it's not gonna be like "Oh, I love you. Don't leave" *cries* like no.
13. My short attention span
14. Preppy girls are pretty frustrating.
15. People who say I'm not Punk Rock
16. People who run their mouths when they know approx. -0118999881999% about something
17. Meanies
18. The fact that I can't think of anything else despite the fact that it's 1:01am right now
19. OH. I hate when people legit write in text talk when the characters aren't texting.
wut r u doin
m sk8n. wbu
nthin mch
Like this is a novel. Write out your words.
20. And to TØP it off rn
Oh my gosh let's take a second to appreciate that the word top changed to TØP XD ha anyway
20. People who very clearly don't deserve 273billion views on their story cos they literally took it from someone else's tumblr.

  • PetunaF

    mumbled "Book from 2013"

    2 years agoReply
    So I had this idea for Nanowrimo in 2013 that I had started and written nearly 10 chapters of but never finished. Now I'm working on it and I have a question that's pretty weird to ask but I need opinions and my family/friends wont do well for answers

    It's from the main guy's point of view in the fashion of first person so its like he's telling the story. The question is should he be telling the story to anyone in particular or do you think that would blow the whole thing?
    2 years ago
    I do not know...
    2 years ago
    I think that it would be interesting if he was telling someone the story
  • PetunaF
    2 years agoReply
    Wow that was cool!
    One Sentence is all I need
    One Sentence is...
    All I need is one sentence to write a small story based on the sentence. I would love to give credit to PetunaF. She let me do this.
    2 years ago
    Thanks! :)
  • PetunaF

    mumbled "Requests"

    2 years agoReply
    Hi! So i've decided once I hit 50 chapters on my One Sentence im going to try to publish-- SO if you want to be a part of this please go check it out
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    mumbled "Eh everyone else was doing it + I was tagged"

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    2 years ago
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    3, 7, 12, 19 and 27!
    2 years ago
    18. Anywhere but here
    30. oh gosh I ship most anything from the obvious Percabeth to the always frustrating Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir
    36. guacamole
    2 years ago
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    3. 17, 18 this year
    7. I like House MD a lot but I think my favorite would be Phineas and Ferb lol
    12. That's kind of a big category but I think the song I connect with most is Weightless by All Time Low
    19. I have a hard core girl crush on Rose McIver
    27. im addicted to sugar. really badly. honestly I need to work on my sugar intake lol
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    mumbled "Stolen from @CalumHood16 ((thanks))"

    2 years agoReply
    1- What are 20 random facts about yourself
    2- What is the closest thing to you that is red
    3- What is the last dream you remember having
    4- Did you meet anybody new today
    5- What are you craving right now
    6- What does you last text say
    7- Do you bite into your ice cream or lick it
    8- Do you like your like your hair
    9- Do you like yourself
    10- Have you ever met a celebrity
    11- What are you listening to right now
    12- How many countries have you visited
    13- How many countries have you visited
    14- Are you parents strict
    15- Would you go sky diving
    16- Is there anything sparkly in the room that you are in right now
    17- Who sits behind you in math class
    18- Do you own something from Hot Topic
    19- Do you have any tattoos
    20- Have you ever crawled through a window
    2 years ago
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    The worst thing I've done is fallen off a 100ft water fall.
    Don't ask how that happened. -_-
    2 years ago
    WHAT THATS CRAZY! The most dangerous thing ive ever done is climb partway up a waterfall XD
    2 years ago
    i have to laugh at that
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