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    Lightning -

    Sword -

    Crown - http://clker.com/clipart-crown-silhouett..
    Red Queen (Alternative Cover)
    Red Queen (Alterna...
    My entry for the "Red Queen" competition.
    3 years ago
    CC0 means Creative Commons 0, or Public Domain. They are images with no rights attached to them at all.

    The policies are still being sorted out, but this is the one that has been in place for months now (though its announcements are never made widely known, so I try and make it clear to people who don't know :))

    Basically, you have to be certain of the image's origin, and that it has no copyright holder. Not all free to use images actually qualify under this rule. For example, you might have images that are free to use, but the original author retains all rights - this means that it's not actually allowed within competitions. You have to be able to trace it back to the licenses for this.

    Some websites only do CC0 images. For example, Unsplash (while only doing photos) contains only high quality CC0 images. Public Domain Archive contains CC0 images too, as does Pixabay. The community manager and I are discussing what license would be more suitable for Movellas, but, unfortunately, it's currently CC0/Public Domain.

    I hope this is helpful, and that you can find out whether or not your cover is okay - I tried to do a quick search, but I have too many programs open and then some plugin stops working XD
    3 years ago
    (Okay, so finally one of the searches loaded: the lightning part of the cover is from Shutterstock, and so isn't actually okay for the competition :'()
    Elisa Victoria
    3 years ago
    @[Sanguine] ok, thank you so much for explaining! Makes a lot more sense now :)
    No worries, hopefully I'll be able to edit the cover soon so it contains all public domain images!
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