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I love writing, especially fiction stories! I'd really appreciate it if you viewed, commented or (if they are worth it) even liked any of my movellas :) But the thing I'd really like is constructive criticism so I know what to do next time to improve! x

Ellie x

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    This is really good, I love this fanfic! Well done :)
    The reaping of Finnick Odair
    The reaping of Fin...
    Written for the Hunger Games fanfiction writing contest. Just a drabble really, exploring the day of Finnick's reaping, and a small bit of worldbuilding for district four. Hope you like!
  • Elliecookie
    6 years agoReply
    Really good and a cute storyline! xx
    you and i for the rest of our lives
    you and i for the...
    Lilly is a normal girl, nothing ever happened to her. But when she goes on holiday to paris with her boyfriend Rodger she meets Harry Styles. Lily breks up with Rodger so she can be with harry, but can...
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    Wow, this is so good Ella! Please write more I WANT TO READ MORE! Cya on Monday x
    I'm not crazy, Just incredibly sane.
    I'm not crazy, Jus...
    Emma has never been able to fit in on account of being different from the other children and finding it easier to talk to adults but they never take her seriously so she mostly keeps to herself. shes always...
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    Yes, good story coming on but might want to check grammar. Well done!
    I Want A Norml Life!
    I Want A Norml Lif...
    Jasmin does not have what most people would call a normal life. For one her dad will let her wear the shorest shorts but not a rock band shirt that covers verything that needs to be covered! Her mom maker...
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    For the text talk section how about:
    IDK = I don't know.
    WBU = What About You?
    KK = OK
    IDC = I Don't Care
    BTW = By The Way
    BRB = Be Right Back
    TTYL = Talk To You Later
    THX = Thanks

    You don't have to use them but I hope it helps!!!
    This is a fantastic idea, please keep adding I love it!
    The Movellas Teen Dictionary
    The Movellas Teen...
    First, the English language expanded as populations moved across the world, then people such as Shakespeare used their imagination and creativity to add hundreds more words. Now teenagers, the internet...
    7 years ago
    Thank you! Added in :)
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