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 Back to kick names and take ass (p.s not really ._.)

Alrighty guys. I'm back but I have reasons why I left. I am currently making a manga but I now have freetime to do me stuff so I might make a few short books just depends on the time consumtion.

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  • The Kawai Emobish
    Sorry guys I haven't been on in like forever. I have been working on my books and stuff. I have finished the first and second halves of my Fairy Tail fanfic. Working on the third rn. It will be the last book of the series since a main character has recently died and the main character already passed
  • The Kawai Emobish

    mumbled "Katsu vs Kano"

    Katsu: Hey our fight isn't over yet!

    Kano: *turns toward Katsu and is shocked* That move should have killed u!

    Katsu: *wipes lip* Don't attack a slayer with his own element. I figured dad told u
  • The Kawai Emobish

    mumbled "I feel like......"

    I feel like in the book Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy that Katsu shouldn't have met Natsu and the others, that he should have been in a story of his own, with Yuki and Snowy
    The Kawai Emobish
    Bc most oc's don't included the original Fairy Tail members
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