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My Name is Erika I am 15 and I love listening to 1D also 5SOS
, I am Italian x
Personality :Caring, Bubbly , Loving and Friendly

Hobbies: Skateboarding , Swimming , Reading and singing

Eye Colour : Blue

Hair Colour : Brown

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    mumbled "fireproof"

    I might be deleting fireproof my book because nobody commenting and I don't know if I should contiune so please comment I don't wanna delete it xxx
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    mumbled "Fireproof my new book"

    Hey guys I would hopin you guys could have a look at my new book called fireproof and check out my other books as well when you got the time. Thank you peace. ��✌️
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    mumbled "My Book about Adopted by One Direction"

    Hey Guys who have commented on my book called Adopted by One Direction I know I have made a mistake but I fixed it ok please forgive me so please read it again and please let me know if there is any more mistakes Thank you love

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    Christine Seguin
    7 years ago
    Hey idk if ur familiar with the hockey player, Tyler Seguin, but could you check out my story, Becoming Mrs. Seguin? Thanks!
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    mumbled "school"

    Hey guys I'm going back to school on monday i might not be able to update so can you guys help me with my story called Adopted by Vampires please xx
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    mumbled "My new story"

    hey guys i made a new story it is called My Life Is Mute please read it and tell me if you like my story! x