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I suck at spelling, so don't hate me for that please.
I'm a huge anime and furrie fan!
I have kik just ask and I do yaoi rp's on kik c:

  • Cray-4-sugar

    mumbled "Pls Someone xC"

    Will someone yaoi rp with me on kik?
    I can be Seme or Uke
    I'd rather Uke tho.
    My kik is
    4 years ago
    Ah, I'd be happy to yaoi rp with you on kik- I've been looking for someone to rp with. I'll message you •v•)/
  • Cray-4-sugar

    mumbled "WELL!"

    I would just like to say my Movellas may look smaller cause I took the chapters and put them together to make them a bit bigger and not small chapters....so it'll take me longer to update because i'm going to make them longer well try at lest....LOL Well yeah school starts for me tomorrow so i'll type when I can for you guys!<3
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