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This description is supposed to make you want to fan me, like my movellas etc. But I'm afraid my description is going to start in a depressing way...
2013... 13. Unlucky and it really is, this year is the crappiest one ever. Things have happened that made me go off writing/reading. Then I started up again after my School Counsellor told me to do things I love to make it better. So I did and I'm back in business! So thank you (if you did bother reading this ;))
See ya!! -A

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    mumbled "Moments..."

    Do you love the song Moments by One Direction? Do you love fiction? Do you love broken hearts and romances? If you do, please check out my new movella 'Moments'. It is based on the song Moments by 1D but it is NOT a fanfic! I love the song and thought it'd be cool to turn it into a movella! So please check it out, the prologue has been posted and I will be posting the next chapter soon :)
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    mumbled "Can't wait..."

    I am so excited for the next episode of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and The Carrie Diaries! So excited =D I am also looking forward to The Hobbit! Aaagghh!!!! Can't wait... =]
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    mumbled "I'm back!"

    Hey guys! I'm back and writing. It has been forever since I have logged onto Movellas, (Reason why is in my description). So I am starting a new movella which I'd love you to check out when I post it! So here is a little update about me, I have like a lot of fandoms of now, such as:
    1. The Mortal Instruments (TMI
    2. Divergent
    3. The Hunger Games (THG)
    4. The Fault In Our Stars (TFIOS)
    5. The Vampire Diaries (TVD)
    6. Pretty Little Liars (PLL)
    Are you part of any Fandoms??
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    mumbled "What If...?"

    What if the stars died? What if the sky fell? What if the trees all died? What if life crumbled?
    Light would not glow in the sky at night, when light is wanted.
    Blueness would go and we would be floating in space, darkness.
    People would fight to take a breath and lungs would claw at the precious air.
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    mumbled "I am sorry..."

    Hello everyone, I just would like to apologise, I have not been on lately meaning I have not updated or mumbled. I took time off movellas to decide and I have decided. I am deleting all my movellas, I will be saving them so I can come back to them in the future because at the moment I am focusing on a fiction that I started a couple of weeks ago and it is really coming on but yes I am sorry. ~WhoDoYouThink
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    OK!! :)