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Hi. I'm Jaxelle but call me Jax, Jaxy, Jay-Jay, Elle, or plain old Jaxelle c: You may even get to call me Vella or Dalla. Anyways, i'm from Belgium but I reside in Florida atm.

+exquisite is the twin+

Studying 9th grade music programs ayeee. Fluent French speaker, chill girl, and a Jazzy person. P.S. I love Lana Del Rey. Lana Fangirlie c:

Kik: JaxyBeLike

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    Do you know what blackmail is?
    6 years ago
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    It is not blackmail when you declare it is.

    Blackmail is when you know a secret about someone and they don't want anyone to know, so you use it against them to make them do things for you. Now how tf is your definition for blackmail even possible.

    You know what?

    You're mad because you make NO sense whatsoever in this argument.

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