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Just your average awkward teen going through high school. No one special, really.

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    mumbled "Beauxbatons"

    Hey, y'all. I'm drafting the first chapter to a new story, 'Beauxbaton', and I was wondering if anyone wanted to join in on the Beauxbaton fun? I'll have a character sheet (of sorts) below, just in case.


    House: Beauxbaton Academy has 3 Houses (not canon): Bellefeuille, for those who are brave, sensitive, loyal, and love nature; Ombrelune, for those who are cunning, logical, ambitious, and curious; and Papillonlisse, for those who are kind, artistic, mature, and idealistic
    Physical Description:
    Anything Else:
    2 years ago
    Name:Septima Dolohov
    Nationality: dutch
    Personality: fluent in sarcasm says anything that comes to mind
    House: Ombrelune
    Physical Description:

    Anything Else: Twin sister named Krista Dolohov
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    Sith Academy Roleplay [OPEN]

    Sith Academy RP takes place Post-Legacy Era. Prefer experienced roleplayers. To join, please ask me first (in parenthesis please!) and enter the following data below:

    Sith Order Rank
    Appearence (picture is best, though description is fine)

    May the Force be with you!
    Y I K E S
    2 years ago
    ( American..? XD)

    She smiles
    2 years ago
    Lel, yee))

    His face was read as all hell, he smiled back at her
    Y I K E S
    2 years ago
    ( XD Too bad I am)

    She kisses his cheek.
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    This story is so good! Please continue it!!!
    Black Blood
    Black Blood
    Hanabi-ko, born in the poor districts of Coruscant, snapped up into the ranks of the Black Sun. The Black Sun don't think much of her, but Hana holds rage in her heart - who knows what could happen if...
    May Hayashi
    2 years ago
    Thank you :) Schoolwork is pretty intense at the moment, but I will continue this when I can.
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    2 years ago
    You can say that again! Transitioning from Middle School to High School is tough! And we have mid-terms in 3 weeks! I'm gonna fail!
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    'You should give Trump a chance' my father dicussed to me at dinner one night. 'He loves America.'

    I would lie to you if I said I liked Hillary better. I'd also be lying if I said I prefered Trump. I might only be 14 and pay little attention to politics, but that doesn't mean I can't share my rants for being anti-Trump.
    He has no right to 'illegalize' gay marriage! I currently don't completely know my sexual preference, but I support gay marriage 100%, unlike my father. Once we passed a gay flag and I pointed it out. 'Burn it' was his response. I don't know what his problem with homosexuality is, but it made my heart shrivel up a tiny bit when he said that.

    I don't know why I said rants, plural, when I only spoke about gay marriage... oh well

    If Trump Won
    If Trump Won
    These are my predictions about what would happen if Trump were to be put into power. They may be extreme, but I don't think they're far from reality.
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