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Hi Everyone!
I love love love SHAWN MENDES!!!!

Okay I may be a little weird (nuts!) but i love to write.

  • TheBrokenDream

    mumbled "Stories I'm giving up."

    I start so many stories and never really get into depth. I maybe have a few sentences. These sre the ones I don't want. If you want details on them, email me @ liligibbs123@gmail.com. Or text me at 430 - 562 - 1725:

    You'll Regret Loving Me; A Zayn Malik FanFiction
    2 Singers Love; A Shawn Mendes and Trevor Moran FanFiction
    Bound With Darkness***
    It All Started In A Coffee Shop
    True Friends Last Forever
    Try Now, Die Later**

    ***This one has a few chapters. Tell me if you want any advice on what was going to happen.
    **This one has a chapter and a few paragraphs.
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