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Hey, I'm Moriciant. Or Mori, if it's easier.

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    The Old War, Anew

    The most ancient forces the world hath ever wrought rise again, returning from a dreary oblivion to settle a fued as old as time itself.
    A Child of the Madness
    Me: Normally I'd have no problem with carrying souls but this one... is a progenitor of my kind so a little difficult to deal with. *I chuckle and look at him* Good to see you too, ya mope. *I smile as you reform and sit up* Yea... you did kinda become a puddle for a bit there. *I chuckle and help you to your feet* Not ah something you're clearly used to it seems, eh, Charr?

    Enema: Heh, I see that now. *He grins and shakes it off* Well, ergh, I've had my fill. I think I'm gonna go lay down in the bunks for a bit. You commin' brother, or are you gonna stay here with Nico?

    Akaido: I'm not sure... I'm not really too tired yet so... maybe I should stay behind to see if anything happens. *He smiles*

    Eckhart: Sort of a check up...sort of like getting a shot... *He smiles wistfully as he beings to work knobs and cranks* El, please get the pressure up to about....20 psi would you please? And please deploy the first tank of fluid cleanser now. *He smiles softly at Arya* Don't release it until El can confirm we're at the propper psi, please.
    Dera'Val Mintra
    1 months ago
    Me: It's not, no. *He rubs his eyes, wiping away the last of the ichor.* They reacted violently when they were all put together, my spiritual architecture wasn't able to handle it so I had to break it all down and rebuild it in a way that could carry the newplayload properly.. Shadow, would you be able to take us back topside? I'm... Drained, actually.

    Nico: Nawh, I'm too, so, I'm gonna go ly down. We've not had a proper rest since we set off.

    El: *He fucks around with some dials and buttons as the pressure gradually rises, releasing the tank as Eckhart says.*
    Arya: Got it... Uhh, doc, how many times have you done this?
    A Child of the Madness
    Me: I see indeed drained. *I grin and pull an odd key out of my pocket, using it on a door and twisting it, opening the door to reveal my office, ushering you through before taking the key back and closing the door behind us, closing off the portal home.* There we go... take a load off. *I lay you on the sofa bed in the corner of the room* Relax good friend of mine.

    Akaido: Oh, okay then... maybe a rest is what is needed. *He sighs softly and gets up, following Enema and Nico back towards the bunks*

    Eckhart: Yes... that seems to be measuring up nicely, pressure is rising and stable. Hm? Well Arya in honesty, four times prior on...other occasions with...other clients.

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