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I love writing and hope to post every weekend! Please leave nice comments because it will make everybody happy and I want everybody to be welcome! Below are some quotes from some of my stories!

"Don't go through life so worried about defending yourself that you forget the important things."
- Life After The Duel

"There was one shy spotlight in the middle of the stage, but other than that, it was empty and black velvet curtains hung, making a barrier from the audience and the artist. And we were about to cross it."
- Stardom

"Don't cry. I felt my heart beating faster. Don't cry. I felt a lump in my throat, rising through my chest, and over taking me. Don't cry. And then, I felt one cold, lonely, salty tear, gliding it's way across my face. You need to let yourself cry. You are crying. Let yourself cry."
- The Great Storm of 1774 (Won Runner-Up for Best Historical Fiction in the Historical Fiction Competition)

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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    hi yall im back. im sorry i haven't posted in ages, but i am double majoring in school which makes me SUPER BUSY so i apologize. i am still in love with writing, and right now i have about a thousand words of a new story written. i think i want to make my own portfolio/blog thing, but i don't know how or if i really want to do that time commitment. its just i really want to get over my writers block and finish this novel im working on. also im doing into the woods and im supposed to be off book (rehersal in two hours) and i am not so i probably should go do that now.
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    OMG yes I need this in my life
    Beyond the War
    Beyond the War
    September 20th, 1939. A small girl, and a humungous war to face. Kelilah and her younger sister Tamra has to escape the Natzis. One day Tamra is ill and Kelilah has to become a completely different person...
  • FelixWrites
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    Wait so how do they decide which stories become audiobooks? And who reads them? This is such a cool idea though!
    Laura G.Editor
    2 years ago
    I think it was a mix between popular ones and good ones. I didn't work at Movellas at the time, but I think it was something like that :)
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    Congratulations! That's so cool you're gonna be in the musical (whichever one you are doing, I'm sure you will have fun)! I'm so sorry I wasn't on here this whole summer but I had a concussion. A suggestion for making friends in my opinion is, say if you like someone's shirt, compliment them. For example, if it were a Harry Potter shirt, say, "Oh, you like Harry Potter too? I love Harry Potter!" I also agree and cursed child competition would be cool. Congrats again on being a sophomore and all of the high school musical jokes lol!
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