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I really love writing (obviously!) and would love to write full time. I'm hoping using Movella's will be a good way to start out as then when I want to publish my first novel, there'll already be some readers out there that like my stories.
Ballet, skating, archery, drama, eating (lot's of eating!), science, cooking- goes hand in hand with the eating! Basically, I like most things, they're just some of the favourites. Especially the eating!
If I could live in any time period, I would love to live in the Tudor royal court, without being too close to power because that'd be ridiculously dangerous.
I also like cars, the love of my life being the Vauxhall Cavalier which was an unexpected present from Dad when I was only about thirteen. My dream car would be an E-type jag or ferrari 250- any ferris bueller fans will know what I mean!
Hope you enjoy my stories, Fern x

  • Fern Ellenor

    mumbled "Finally updated Mastery..."

    Wow, it's so good to find time to write after so long. I forgot how much I like my own characters! And dislike others. Ugh Morella annoys me sometimes.
  • Fern Ellenor

    mumbled "Anyone else doing A-level exams?"

    I'm busy revising for chemistry, biology, physics and maths exams but hoping I'll have time to edit and add to some of my stories as of Friday when I finish.

    Also thinking of using all the science I've been learning to perhaps write either science fiction or a story set in a lab- maybe do some research and write fiction set in cern with factual background. Would anyone be interested in that?

    Or some non-fiction articles? I'll give it some thought...
    Megites Nightshade
    I've got my last AS level Physics and Stats exams next week. I'm going to Cern with school in three weeks!!!! I would definitely be interested.
    Fern Ellenor
    4 years ago
    Yeah, I loved core one and core two but statistics is a pain. I don't like just using the formulas until I really understand them and could prove them myself. Some people from my college are going to Cern too but I couldn't go. However, I'm going to a physics summer school at Imperial College London in the summer. It's all free- accommodation, transport, food, all the entertainment in the evenings, and you get to sit in lectures and do practical work all week. I'm so excited.
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    mumbled "A strange discovery..."

    I always thought writing stories and daydreaming was the best exercise for my imagination. The funny thing is, I've not written down a word for months as I meant to get back into my stories after my GCSE exams but then got caught away in science and as soon as I started college my physics obsession took hold of my life. Anyway, the thing I'm trying to say is that, surprisingly enough, all the disciplines usually considered as being totally uncreative (maths and physics) have worked my imagination even harder than writing. Because you have to understand things you've never seen, you have to imagine strange concepts in so much detail. It's been such a valuable experience as I've realised I probably never been using my imagination properly until now.
  • Fern Ellenor
    I like the way it sounds, your narrator actually comes across as a real teenager. I can't comment on the plot as it's not really got going yet but this is a nice introduction.
    Other Side of the Screen
    Other Side of the...
  • Fern Ellenor
    I have read a few other entries and they all seem a bit too similar. It's like a classroom internet safety scenario but this is far more interesting because that last section seems to indicate that the story is going to be told from the perspective of the "bady" rather than the victim which is the opposite way around to all the others I've read so far. Well done for being so imaginative and actually creating something interesting and a fresh take on a much discussed topic. Keep going with it, I'm sure you'll do well.
    The young will listen to no one. [For the Solitaire competition. Cover by River_Summers]
    5 years ago
    Thank you so much! Yes, this is from the point of view of the villain, (although he does have his own weird motives). At first I wasn't sure if it would go down too well, but people seem to be enjoying it :)
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