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I'm what you would describe as your average, weird, teenage girl. I love to read and I love to write.
And I'm a Warrior! (Warrior series)
You could consider me a daughter of Athena... NOT!!! (Percy Jackson + the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus Series)
Sorry if I'm psycho. Though you should know that by now...
You barely need to guess to find out I'm a cat person. My friends call me the cat-queen.
And I'm crazy! My world is filled with craziness. Uh, huh.
I have so many friends and if you were label us all, I would be known as the UNIQUE one. Different from everyone else. My friends think I would make an amazing story character. 0% agreement, or that's what I say...
I have two annoying siblings that drive me nuts! I guess that's how I got to be like this.
It's just the way I am. It's just the way I live my life! Three cheers for me!!!
I'm crazy!
I'm Fireflame.

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    Sixth Legion Victrix: Actually, I'd love to do that to my classmate Jesse(He's so annoying!!!!!!!!!).
    Laugh Out Loud
    Laugh Out Loud
    These are just some times in life where you want to die, run away, laugh your head off or just wish you were on Movellas before.
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    My account for Wattpad: SunsetGirl
    My account for fanfiction.net: Upstart Demigod
    Don't Remember
    Don't Remember
    This is set during Matt Smith's time as the Doctor. This is sort of a different branch to Doctor Who so I'm sorry if you get confused: What would happen when the Doctor dies? Who kills him? If River was...
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    mumbled "Gone Now"

    I'm sorry. I can't stay anymore.
    Movellas just isn't for me anymore. I'll keep my stories.
    They'll be on Wattpad, and some of them on Fanfiction.net. I'm so sorry. I might update one more chapter on each of my Movellas.
    Maybe I'll come back later. Probably not. I'm busy now...
    So, yeah. I'm so sorry...
    7 years ago
    No. Don't go... :(
    But if you really want to leave then can you please tell me your user name for Wattpad and Fanfiction.net?
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    @[Timeywimeytotoro] My wattpad name: @CallOfCaleo and my Fanfiction.net name: Upstart Demgod.
    6 years ago
    Thanks. :D
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    I NEED to get that book on my eReader! Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In Memory of Augustus Waters
    In Memory of Augus...
    This is based around The Fault in Ours Stars by John Green. It's a beautiful book that you won't put down till you've shed your last tear (seriously. You'll cry. A lot) .. Anyway, the blurb: My name is...
    7 years ago
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    Definitely. I totally agree with you. :)
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    I found it! I hate how Augustus dies...
    7 years ago
    It's good isn't it. Yes, I hate how Augustus dies too.
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