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I like the sound of rain when I go to sleep, I'm in high school, and a hunger games fangirl! No hating on TFIOS, Divergent, or HG!

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    Thank you!!!
    Idiosyncratic Covers & Banners
    Idiosyncratic Cove...
    Hey-o! I'm here with a new cover store since the other one got a little overcrowded and out-of-date. I DO BANNERS BUT MOST PEOPLE IGNORE THAT SOOO YEAH
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    Whoops saw the word closed XD
    (CLOSED) Name Definitions
    (CLOSED) Name Defi...
    Comment your name and I'll find the definition of it! *Cover made by Fangirling Expert*
    Lou My Boo
    6 years ago
    Haha. Its fine, just trying to catch up with all of these! But at least I have amazing people helping me!
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    Title: Olympus High
    Author: Flowerdot11
    So it's about the kids of the Olympic Gods.
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    PLZZZ can you make my coverrrrrr thank youuuu!❤️
    Cover Store[Open]
    Cover Store[Open]
    Hey! It's Gabby! A lot of people said they liked my covers so I figured why not make a cover store. When the title says closed then that means I'm trying to catch up with a few covers so be patient. :)...
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