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I'm just a fly on the wall, gazing at horizons of death, listening to conversations of grief.

It is a beautiful sight.

I am a girl who likes reading, especially fantasy, and I hope to read all youre stories soon!

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    This is so good! I've only read the prologue, but you write like a real, published author, an d have given me a great impression of this site!

    And when I say you write like a published author, I mean it! You're probably even better than, like, Cassandra Clare! I mean it!
    The Creation of Infinity
    The Creation of...
    The creation of infinity has always been a mystery to us, whether Cores, Mantles, Crusts, Humans, Earthens or even Heaveners. But one thing is clear: It is the only fairytale without a fairy.
  • Fly On The Wall
    This is a really cool idea! I like it!
    Maggie was always an ordinary girl. After moving halfway across Michigan, she thought she had to battle the troubles of starting again - new school, new friends, new trends to follow. That was, until she...
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