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Hey there everyone! I'm Bree. I aspire to be an author, hence me being on Movellas, but I don't really know what I want to be yet. If only being a nerd was an actual career, my life would be set. :P I live in the same small town that I've been born and raised in, but I have dreams for something much bigger and better. I hope to live in a big city someday and have an exciting life, and to do something great. I want to make an impact -- I want to be known in this great big place we call home. I hope to be one of the great authors one day, but I have no idea what life has in store for me.

Favorite quotes:
" You may not like him, Minister, but you can't deny: Dumbledore's got style." - Kinsley Shacklebolt; Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix

" . . . you can learn a lot about people from the stories they tell, but you can also know them from the way they sing along, whether they like the windows up or down, if they live by the map or by the world, if they feel the pull of the ocean." - Every Day by David Levithan

"We thought Thurman ova there havin' a seizure, turns out he just excited about nature." - Random kid from Ghetto hikes.

Favorite Music Artists:
The Fray
Imagine Dragons
Mumford & Sons
The Beatles
The Black Keys
Pink Floyd
The Smiths
John Williams

Favorite Animal: Wolves

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    mumbled "Liberation"

    Hi everybody! I'm new here and just posted my first story called Liberation. Please check it out, it would be very appreciated! I have huge plans for this story and am putting all of my time and effort into making it as great as I can! :) The description is below!
    Lib·er·a·tionˌ /libəˈrāSH(ə)n/
    the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.

    Every day, the same day. That is my imprisonment. That is my oppression.

    I set down the dictionary, sitting back in the chair with a sigh. Its silent squeak goes in one of my ears and out of the other.

    Sullivan's words relentlessly echo in my head, like they are bouncing off of my skull over and over again. "We call ourselves the Liberators."

    My world is a stage, my life an over-rehearsed production in front of a familiar face in the mundane audience. Everything is fabricated; every conversation, every interaction, every experience. The only thing is, I am the only one who knows. I hold a secret in my hands that nobody will believe, and they won't remember more than a day if I confide in them, anyhow. I can't take much more of this. I can't take much more of watching my father, my best friend, my entire world stuck in this time loop with me, this invisible prison, and having no clue that they may never truly live again.

    I am becoming desperate.

    I need liberation.
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