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  • GeniusCat(meow)
    i really enjoyed this. No negative comments. I'd love you to give any of my movellas a look:D/
    Island of Dark Waters
    Island of Dark Wat...
    Hallie is brought to a mysterious island to aid in the dangerous experiments of Professor Grant. Upon arrival, she meets Garion, a 14-year-old boy who has been there for three months and is kept in poor...
  • GeniusCat(meow)
    WOW! i wish i could write like that!
    The Other Side of the Story
    The Other Side of...
    The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper,...
    Bells Hunter
    9 years ago
    Thank you, that means a lot :)
  • GeniusCat(meow)
    This is great! Can you look over my movellas?
    My Book of Secrets.
    My Book of Secrets...
    My go at the competition :) I have made this book a new cover, BUT on the cover the book goes by a different name, just a warning.
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