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My name is Jasmine Styles and I was born 2/1/1994. Yay. God loves me. Why because I am born the day as Harry Styles in the year too:)
I met One Direction before. Harry is so cute too.
Love Jasmine

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    nice I can't wait for the update:)
    Kidnapped By Six
    Kidnapped By Six
    Gabi, a 17 year old beauty is not in a fairytale world. Her mother and stepdad pretend she isn't there and she has to fend for herself. When walking home one day, her road is being paved, so she has to...
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    mumbled ":( idk"

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    hey guys I am thinking about deleting all of my books because I DON'T WRITE THEM AND I don't don't get on movellas anymore really sorry.......PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO;(
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    OMFG OMFG I hate chiffhangers:(

    Is she pregnant....Wait I thought Lily was dead or something
    aвdυcтed вy тнeм ✗ н.ѕ
    aвdυcтed вy тнeм...
    Brooke, a 17 year old girl is kidnapped on the night and taken to a house where she doesn't even recognize her surroundings, she is left in a huge house with 9 guys and many girls who went through the...
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