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Leicester gal with a serious Microsoft Word addiction. I write fantasy and YA, but occasionally I return to my fanfiction roots (Movellas is very persuasive). My other interests are Doctor Who, gaming (PlayStation all the way), and raising carnivorous plants. But mostly I write. Unless I get distracted by rewriting my profile to make it sound cooler. Not sure that's working so far.

I'm not always around on here very often, but if you want to see what I get up to you can follow me on twitter @GraceHaddon
And I have a website at www.gracehaddon.com

Winner of the Project Remix Competition (Creative Writing Category)
Runner up for the Heir of Fire Writing Competition
Runner up for the Spooky Writing Competition

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    I'm sure others have said this before but I love the way you've taken the Hunger Games theme and applied it to colour and made it your own. I read this back when there were only 3 pages of participants and the story is still stuck in my head. It really stayed with me, which is a sign of good writing I think. :) Best of luck in the comp!
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