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We'll see how long I'll survive this...

You're my angel
protector against everything untold
Guardian of the soul and heart
Never leaving me out, cold

Wings like snow,
with a heart like gold.
You're the one to guide me trough life
protecting my burning soul

- Angelica

  • Guardian Angel


    Hi! So I won a competition a while ago.. like Christmas time.. :P and i sent my address and stuff to whoevers email I got.. and I haven't gotten any prize :/
    i won one of those 'days before Christmas' things where whoever wrote the best first comment to someones movella got a movella t-shirt :D
    and yeah.. I don't know.. can I stil get my shirt or is it too late? :(
    7 years ago
    You scroll down to the very bottom of any page, and on the left, Contact Us is written. Click on that, and then you can send them an email. :)
    Guardian Angel
    7 years ago
    ah.. ok! thank you sooo much! :D
    7 years ago
    No problem :D
  • Guardian Angel
    I sent an email to you (Jordan) with my address but you haven't answered and I haven't gotten any prize :/ So I'm just wondering if you ever recieved my email? :)
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