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R.I.P. Shari-Ann Hemrick
1996 - 2014

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    mumbled "In Memory Of My Daughter|| Goodbye "

    Hello Movellas world. I'm Amanda Hemrick. My daughter Shari passed away earlier this week. She was amazing to me. She wasn't a saint, but who is? In her dairy I found her email and password for Movellas, she mentions it and certain people a lot.
    She goes on how she has a little group that consists the names: Lilly, Katy, Sarah, Lexi and Luke. This goes to those people. Thank you so much for putting a smile on my daughters face.
    My daughter loved to write and make music. Her voice was like Juliet Simms merged with Taylor Momsen. She was very talented. She could play guitar, bass and cello. Drums, piano and violin. When I heard that my baby had died, I was torn in two. She had left her two younger siblings, and her four little cousins.
    She had a little cousin called Shari-Ann. They were like sisters. Shari-Ann was named after Shari. As you can probably tell. Shari-Ann is eleven. She's a wreck now. Shari was her idol.
    My child was one of the most caring people you could cross roads with.
    Though, she had her fair share of high ends of the low. Though I don't want her to be remembered as that person, I want her remembered for Shari Hemrick, the girl that was caring, loving, sweet and generous.
    Not long before she passed, she had a boyfriend. He was younger than her. Though in her diary she explains how much he meant to her. She had never met him before, though she wished that she could.
    She says: "Harley is literally a angel. I don't deserve him. He knows that. He needs somebody to save him though. And I don't think I can be that person. He needs somebody who can be there for him in person. I love him. I really do." Later on after that, her and the boy broke up. They ended with a argument but he needs to know that she loved him, with all of her heart.
    She said in a message to him: "I'd kill myself if you and me broke up" Somebody may think that she would kid about that, though. It may go to prove that she was very much a woman of her word.
    She had depression, she was suicidal, she was anorexic, she had anxiety, she self-harmed. Though my baby-girl made me the proudest mother ever. I was and still am proud to call her my daughter and if somebody asked how she died, I'm going to look them dead in the eye and say, "suicide". I won't sugar-coat it. After all, she wasn't suicide. She wasn't depression or any negative thing, though depression and suicidal thoughts made their way into her.
    I just want to say thank you Movellas, and the people of it for making a home for my daughter.
    Rest in peace Shari-Ann, you'll forever be our hearts.
    Goodbye my angel, my love, my one and only. I'll see you up there one day, when my day comes by. I'll look up to the sky and smile to you. I love you but I have to let you go now.
    Oct 1996 - Oct 2014

    I can answer any questions you may have- as long as they respect my daughter.
    Le Fox
    6 years ago
    I'm so sorry ... We weren't close, but she was the only other girl from my country ... I miss her.

    I'm so sorry for your loss.
    Paris Scott
    6 years ago
    hello im very sorry for your lost she was an amazing writer and she could always make you smile just by her writing she was the first person i found on here and her books were amazing i wish for you and for everyone who was close to her luck and to stay strong
    6 years ago
    Ohh my god I just saw this , this broke my heart. I didn't know you personally but I can tell your a good person rip , I hope you realize up there you had an important impact on the people around you. Hope you're happy wherever you are because you truly deserve all the happiness in the world rest in peace you will be missed ��

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    Uh... This is kinda gross....
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    || THIS IS A BOOK WERE A 14 YEAR OLD AND A 21 YEAR OLD GET TOGETHER. No they do not do anything sexual exept kiss so dont rant off about under age is Illegal. Because I know it is, LOOK AT THE GOD DAMN...
    How? There is only one very short chapter.

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    Heyy Lucie! I need to speak to you!
    LV Snelson
    6 years ago
    wait... harley russel? the harley russel i'm thinking off? are you from Kent then?
    Cliffy Cat<3
    6 years ago
    Yea the harely Russle you're thinking of, but no I'm not. We met online.
    LV Snelson
    6 years ago
    Oh I see cx he can be an ass... believe me, waiting for his train ride home he went on about how he barely liked anyone because he thought they were all stereotypical bastards at the end of the day ¬_¬ Harley hates most popular rock music, like metalica, he likes pierce the veil though. But he hates Avenged sevenfold. He's a bit of a hater, and he can hold grudges against people so well, especially when he's in an argument he can get super cocky. Just let him ease off.
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