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HI im ten and live in walpole Ma.on my spare time i like to,play sports,volinter at the local shelter,hang with my friends,and of course go on movellas!i play basketball and we are the purple team.we are the agresive littel things!feel free to ask qustions!!

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    hello,i can do your cover if you want,also i dare elsa to be mean to anna(no cursing)and anna mean to elsaaldo no cursing)
    Frozen- TRUTH OR DARE!
    Frozen- TRUTH OR...
    So, on a dark and stormy summer night in the castle of Arendelle hardly weeks after the whole frozen summer thing, all the characters gather in the ballroom for they are trapped, not able to go out in...
    Jade Jackson-Everdeen
    Actually I was about to look for a cover. If you could do one it'd be great! I am going to update soon, but I've been busy swimming all weekend (and applying Aloe Vera to this ABSOLUTELY AMAZKNG SUNBURN) and I'm going out to lunch today so it might not be until tomorrow.
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    Only Human
    My Lyric Book
    My Lyric Book
    Lyrics for songs by One Direction, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and more. Lyrics for songs from movies like Pitch Perfect, the Twilight Saga and more. I will do songs from Disney movies like The...
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    Name:rachel everdeen(daughter of Kattniss and peta)
    Appearence:brown hair in ponytail,blue eyes with freakels.about 6'4.
    Personality:Adventorous and will do anything to help her faimly.shy but in the games will make allianves and help peopel
    District:any where
    Backstory:when she was young her faimly was atacked and seperated.Sience then she has been on the run from the capitoil.She hasn't seen her faimly in years and worries about them consantly
    Wepon:she can do gymnasticks,streanght,bow and arrow and is a water bender
    Virtual Hunger Games
    Virtual Hunger Gam...
    Ever wanted to be in the hunger games? Here's your chance. WILL NEED NON TRIBUTE SPONSORS!!!
    5 years ago
    I didn't know we were allowed powers...
    Are we allowed powers?
    no we aren't sorry I didn't see the last part. Sorry.
  • harry potter495
    Hi sounds good but no stort just chater titels.....
    Frozen heart
    Frozen heart
    Elsa is 8 years old her little sis Anna is 6 what happens when there parents die and Elsa and Anna have to go to a orphanage and need to be adopted will Elsa freeze Anna's head will she or not will Elsa...
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