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I write One Direction Imagines and if any of you guys would like for me to start writing my own fanfiction stories then I definitely will! Directioner Forever! <3

  • _Harry_E_Styles_~<3
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    Definitely Narry it just sounds cute and they seem like a really cute couple
    I Don't Only Date Blondes [on hold]
    I Don't Only Date...
    ••• Book 2 ••• "You can't love me." I say, I almost want to scream at him. Telling him what I Had just gone through with Luke and Niall, now I have to do it all over again. "Why? I've loved you...
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    Keep up the good work! You're a really awesome author! :D
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    Thank you so much! I love it when you guys compliment me<3
    Sure thing! :)
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